Visitor registration using pretix
Avoid queues and gain real-time insights

Keeping the distance means limiting visitors carefully.
Use our battle-tested ticketing technology for advanced planning during the crisis and improved revenue after Covid-19.

Variable time slots

Control your visitor flow by letting your visitors choose a time slot when they book their visit online. You can precisely set up time slots and maximum limits the way you need them and nobody will need to wait in line.

Universally usable

Museum, amusement park, cultural site, historical building, church service, library, or swimming pool – if you want to allow your visitory to plan their visit online, pretix is the right choice for you.

Groups & Guided tours

Sell and promote additional offerings to your visitors while they book their visit, such as group tickets, guided tours, catalogues, or audio guides.

Integrated payment

With online payments using all popular payment methods, your process on site becomes quick and contactless. The money is transfered directly to you.

Flexible entrance control

Smartphone app, professional scanner, automated turnstile – our system can be used with every type of entrance control. Our backend gives you real-time insights into your visitor numbers.

Ready for you

If you decide for us now, you can start with free bookings later today. If you want to accept payments, you can start within 1-3 business days. Our experienced team is here to assist you with a smooth and quick start.

Have a look at our demo shops

If you want to have a closer look, we've built a sample online shop using the most important features of our system. Go and buy a ticket, you don't really need to pay for it.

We can adjust the look and feel to your corporate identity and it is possible to integrate the ticket shop direclty into your website.

Have fun!