Professional hardware for your event

We're not only delivering first-class software, we're also happy to provide you with the hardware that you need to make perfect use of pretix on site, either by selling or renting you the required components. We're regualrly testing our apps with the hardware listed here in order to ensure perfect compatibility.

Ticket scanning

Rent hardware from us

You can rent high-quality products from our hardware pool. Depending on availability, different models will be used. All devices are in very good condition and will be tested by us before every delivery. On request, we'll deliver the hardware as a pre-configured system.

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2 event days
Scan smartphone (Hardware scanner, WiFi connection)
Upgrade to LTE incl. 1 GB data (Germany only)

High-end products by ZEBRA

On the day of an event, there is little room for error. Therefore, we're not settling for anything less than top-notch scanners by ZEBRA, known for their robust devices and fast scanning engines. Even with bad light conditions you will be able to scan every ticket quickly and reliably. Thanks to their Android operating system incl. Google Play Store, they are an useful addition to your event technology, even beyond their usage with pretix. In addition to the accessories listed here, many more are available. As a registered ZEBRA partner, we're more than happy to find the perfect solution for you.

Zebra TC25

2D scan engine SE2100, camera (8MP), 10.9cm (4.3"), USB (Typ C), Bluetooth (BLE), WLAN (802.11ac), 4G (LTE), Micro SD-Slot, 800x480 pixels, Qualcomm MSM8937, 1.4GHz, RAM: 2GB, Flash: 16GB, Android, IP65, 3000mAh battery.

No longer produced after 2020.

Usually ships within a day.

Power pack € 74.00
Charging cradle (1-fach) € 49.00
Kit incl. charger and hand strap € 395.00 €

NEW Zebra TC26

2D scan engine SE4100, Camera (13MP), 12.7cm (5"), USB (Typ C), Bluetooth (BLE), WLAN (802.11ac), 4G (LTE), NFC, Micro SD-Slot, 1280x720 pixels, Qualcomm 660, 1,8GHz, RAM: 3GB, Flash: 32GB, Android, IP67, 5000mAh battery.

Soon available.

Replacement battery (5000 mAh) € 59.00
Charging cradle (1 slot) € 59.00
Charging cradle (5-slot) incl. power unit € 399.00
Battery charger (4-slot) incl. power unit € 359.00
Display protection € 9.00
Kit incl. charger and hand strap € 529.00

USB scanners

While we recommend using Android devices for a flexible scan process, it is also possible to use PC-based systems for check-in.

Budget Datalogic QuickScan Lite QW2400

2D imager (Wide Angle, white), Green Spot, USB, IP42, incl. cable (USB, straight, 2m), base

Usually ships within a day.

Scanner € 95.00

Premium Honeywell Xenon 1950g

2D imager (Standard Range), Multi Interface (RS-232, KBW, USB, IBM), incl. cable (USB, straight, 3m)

Usually ships within a day.

Scanner € 199.00

Datalogic Magellan 1500i

2D imager, Green Spot, targeting mode, USB (Typ A), Multi Interface (RS232, USB, IBM), IP52, incl. cable (USB), base (tilt stand, magnetic)

Usually ships within a day.

Presentation scanner € 229.00


All prices sind are non-binding offers in addition to VAT (if applicable) and shipping cost.
We only rent and sell to business customers. Rentals subject to availability.