This page lists all major features available in pretix. We grouped them by the different stages your event planning goes through over time. Have fun exploring! If you're bored by just reading about the features, why not just try it out yourself? We won't charge for test accounts.

Note that not all features are available with every edition of pretix and some are only added via plugins. We marked all features with the symbol if they are only available in the Hosted and Enterprise Editions, but not in the pretix Community Edition.

Administrative features

Statistics & event-spanning reports

In pretix' administration interface, you can configure reports that compare the numbers of your various events over time. You can filter and aggregate this data by a large number of metrics, depending on what you want to know.

This helps you to gain insight into your ticket sales and attendee structures and allows you to plan for future events more accurately.

Team permissions

Running an event is a lot of work and we certainly do not expect that you do this on your own. Therefore, you can invite your whole team to your pretix account to work on the ticket shop together.

Inside your organizer account, you can create an unlimited number of teams. Each team can have multiple members and can have access to only some or all of the events in the organizer account. This access can include all parts of the application or can be limited to specific features, e.g. to an read-only access. Everyone can be part of multiple teams a the same time.

Teams documentation

  "event" : {
    "orders" : [
        "positions" : [
            "item" : 3,
            "attendee_email" : null,
            "addon_to" : null,
            "answers" : [],
            "price" : "1200.82" ,
            "attendee_name" : "John Doe",
            "secret" : "2rnydctdk53pxe72ehf8xmg9f2gv44ga"

Data export and API

We want that you stay in control and that you are independent, even from us. Therefore, we offer you to export your event data in many shapes and formats, for example PDF, Excel, or CSV. This way, you can analyze it with other tools or just keep it somewhere safe, to be sure never to loose it. It is important to us that we don't lock you in, we want you to stay because you like it, not because you have to.

If you like to code or if you want to connect pretix with other systems, you will love to find out that pretix features a REST API that allows full read access to your data. Write access is currently being added step by step and already available for many parts of the application. Thanks to webhooks you can be sure to be notified of important events in realtime. An experimental Zapier integration is available. We are excited to see what you will build!

API documentation


If you always want to be up to date with your event, you can configure to receive instant notifications as soon as an order has been created, changed, paid, or canceled. This way, you don't miss a thing even if you are running a small event with only a few registrations per week.

We can not only send you individual emails, we can also instantly notify your Slack channel of any new sales.

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