pretix Webinar beta

We've integrated a webinar platform directly into pretix. This way, you do not need any additional tools to host high-quality courses online and can enjoy everything you know from us: Top-notch support, ease of use, and rock-solid privacy.

pretix Webinar is free if you use it to host paid webinars with tickets processed through pretix Hosted. Just get in touch with our support team to get it activated for your event!

Our webinar platform is based on the BigBlueButton software. It has been built for learning environments and is popular among educational institutions for its wide range of features:

  • Fully browser-based, your attendees don't need to install anything. Works great with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, both on computers as well as on Android and iOS phones and tablets.
  • Webcam support and live screen sharing of multiple participants.
  • A live whiteboard that you can use to show a presentation, highlight, draw, and write. Your attendees see your changes in real time and if you want, you can even allow them to use the whiteboard as well.
  • Chat, real-time polls, breakout rooms for group discussions, collaborative notes.

pretix Webinar is well-tested for up to 20 people sharing their camera and microphone, or one person presenting and up to 50 people listening. If you need more, please talk to us to look into different options.

Digital events with venueless

There are lots of great tools for live streaming, video calls, text chat, or audio questions – but how do you combine them? Providing all communication channels of your event to your attendees in one interface is what venueless is all about. A new platform for digital events, developed by ourselves and some partners.

pretix Digital Content

With pretix Digital Content, you can use pretix to sell access to live streams, videos, or other digital content such as downloadable files. You can directly embed videos and live streams from YouTube or Vimeo into the ticket page. This is a convenient solution for online-only events as a simple paywall for your content, but it works just as well for your in-person events if you want to make additional content available to your attendees, such as the recordings or slides of your talks.

As you know, we are never trying to lock you in to a specific provider. You can use this module to link your attendees anywhere. You could for example use this to point attendees to your webinar if you use a third-party webinar tool. Need something special? Just let us know.

Build a community

One of the hardest aspects to take online is the networking part of your event. For many business events, networking is just as important as the actual content. We're therefore happy to present you two partners of ours who can help you bring this aspect online through their innovative platforms: The digital conference solution by ascrion and the event community app talque. Both systems are already connected to pretix through our API, so you can continue to sell your tickets as usual.
ascrion talque