Payment methods

pretix supports a wide range of payment methods using various payment providers. You can freely choose one or even multiple of them according to your needs. There is one thing they all have in common: We don't see the money, it goes directly to your account. Allow us to introduce the supported payment providers to you:

Your bank

The cheapest and most direct way is to have your customers pay directly to your bank account. You can therefore accept payments via classical wire transfer. pretix will instruct your customers to send the money to your bank account. Then, you can tell pretix which payments arrived. You can do this manually, semi-automatically by uploading a CSV bank statement from any bank, or (if you are a bit more tech-savvy and have a German bank account) even automatically via HBCI/FinTS.

In the SEPA area, we also support direct debit. If you enable this feature, you can regularly download a SEPA XML file from pretix that you can give to your bank to initiate the debit.



Stripe is a US-based payment provider originally making credit card processing very easy for merchants. Nowadays, they also offer other payment methods like giropay, iDEAL, and SOFORT that are popular within European countries.

Stripe usually sends the incoming money to your bank account seven days after the payment has been made. Because of the easy setup process, their great user interface, and comparatively low processing fees, Stripe is our recommended service for accepting card payments.

Documentation Fees Create Stripe account

Stripe currently supports merchants in the following countries:


Of course, pretix is able to connect with the internet's most prominent payment service, PayPal. You can easily accept payments with paypal and all payments will directly go to your payment account.

Documentation Fees Create PayPal account

PayPal supports mechants in most countries.


Wirecard is a German-based bank and online payment provider that excels in bundling a huge number of payment methods within one single gateway and dashboard. With one single Wirecard account, you can accept nearly all payment methods common accross all European countries.

Most of them are available via Wirecard's product Checkout Portal, for some of the rarer ones you need to get in contact with wirecard to get a custom offer.

Fees & Setup

Wirecard Checkout Portal:

Wirecard Bank (on request):

Wirecard Checkout Portal currently supports merchants in the following countries:

Some more countries are available on request.