You can get pretix for your event in multiple ways. You can install it on your own server and maintain it yourself, but the easiest way to get started selling tickets are our hosted versions: You get all features and don't need to worry about servers and technology, ever. Just focus on your event!

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Please select your system scale:
I want a system to handle orders per year
with a net revenue of per year
pretix Edition Community Enterprise Starter Enterprise Professional Enterprise Ultimate
License fee Free forever
Open Source Software
€ 499 € 900 € 2 000 € 3 600 € 8 100 € 14 500 € 26 100 € 44 000 per year € 750 € 1 300 € 2 900 € 5 200 € 11 700 € 21 000 € 37 800 € 62 000 per year € 950 € 1 700 € 3 800 € 6 800 € 15 300 € 27 500 € 49 500 € 85 000 per year
Ticket volume unlimited up to 10 000 tickets with a maximum revenue of €30 000 (excl. VAT) per year up to 20 000 tickets with a maximum revenue of €60 000 (excl. VAT) per year up to 50 000 tickets with a maximum revenue of €150 000 (excl. VAT) per year up to 100 000 tickets with a maximum revenue of €300 000 (excl. VAT) per year up to 250 000 tickets with a maximum revenue of €750 000 (excl. VAT) per year up to 500 000 tickets with a maximum revenue of €1 500 000 (excl. VAT) per year up to 1 000 000 tickets with a maximum revenue of €3 000 000 (excl. VAT) per year unlimited
License terms AGPLv3
with additional terms
pretix Enterprise License
you are free to make modifications
Core ticketing features
Administrative users unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Exports and full API access
Open source plugins
Proprietary plugins 3 license points
see below
10 license points
see below
20 license points
see below
Email support
reply by next business day
Phone support
subject to availability
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Please note: Depending on your location, VAT or other taxes will be added to all of the following prices. Our services are only available to businesses and similar entities, not to consumers or end users.

Plugin license points

With every Enterprise license, a number of "license points" is included that you can use to license proprietary plugins. For the most popular plugins, the number of points required is listed below. For other plugins, please ask us.

Seating 3 points
Exhibitors & Lead Scanning 3 points
pretixPOS 2 points
Resellers (ticket outlets) 2 points
Shipping 2 points
TICKeos integration 2 points
Kulturpass integration 2 points
Campaign tracking 1 point
Certificates of Attendance 1 point
Digital Content 1 point
Double Opt-in 1 point
External coupons 1 point
ePayBL 1 point
FKM reports 1 point
Newsletter integrations 1 point
No-show management 1 point
Offline sales 1 point
Reports across events 1 point
Shared reports 1 point
Tracking codes 1 point
Voucher sale 1 point

Frequently asked questions on pretix Enterprise

How can I pay?

You will be able to pay by bank transfer or credit card. We usually require an upfront payment for the entire license year. For license fees exceeding €20 000 per year and given good credit ratings, we can agree on quarterly or monthly payments instead.

Why is there a limit on ticket volume and revenue?

We want to be able to provide pretix Enterprise licenses across the world and to customers from different industries at different scale. At the same time, we need to have a price that is profitable for us, so we can continue developing pretix. We believe this strikes a fair balance and allows us to offer affordable options for entities using pretix only at small scale or for non-profit purposes.

How is the volume counted exactly?

The volume is always limited by the number of orders and by net revenue. An "order" is every purchase, regardless of what and how many products and tickets it contains, regardless of whether it requires payment or not, and regardless of whether it is canceled at a later point in time. "Net revenue" is the sum of the monetary value of all of these purchases, minus the amount of VAT included in the prices.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my tier?

You can upgrade at any time. If you upgrade to a higher ticket volume, you will need to pay the difference for the full license year. If you upgrade to a higher number of license points, you will be charged the difference for the remaining number of months of the current license year.

You can downgrade every time your license renews for another year. Please let us know at least four weeks before the renewal date.

How is the volume limit enforced?

We will require you to send a report from your system at the end of every license year (unless you are paying for the highest ticket volume, which is unlimited). If you exceed the volume limit of your license, we will retroactively charge you for an upgrade to the required license tier.

Can I switch how I use my license points?

If you have unused license points, you can spend them on additional plugins at any point in time. However, re-allocating license points from one plugin to another is usually only possible once a year during renewal. In special situations, we can make exceptions if required. Note that for some plugins, uninstalling is not advisable since it might render historical data inaccessible.

Do I need to cancel my license?

Yes. If we did not receive a termination notice via email at least four weeks prior to the end of the term, the contract will automatically renew for another year.

How can we evaluate the software before buying?

Just create an account for pretix Hosted and have a look, all proprietary plugins are available and you can test for free.

How will I get access to the plugins?

We will provide you with instructions on how to install our pretix Enterprise features via the Python package manager pip. The plugins are always compatible to the latest released version of pretix. Our pretix Enterprise license allows you to inspect and modify the source code for your own usage, as long as you do not share it with third parties. Of course, you are responsible for your own changes yourself.

Does the software support multiple event organizers?

Yes, pretix is multi-tenancy capable. If you run events in the name of multiple subcompanies, you can handle them all in one pretix installations. Please note that our default pretix Enterprise license does not allow running the software for third-party event organizers. If you want to offer a ticketing service to third parties based on our software, please get in touch for an individual offer.

Can I run it on a standard webhosting package?

Probably not. You need root access to the system to run pretix properly in most cases.

How do you charge for custom development?

It depends on the desired feature. We might charge by hour, or negotiate a contribution share, depending on how likely it seems that other customers will want that feature as well. We also do not implement any feature that is asked for, but will balance weigh your interests against compatibility concerns and the general direction of our product. But that still leaves a lot of possibilities open – just talk to us!

How much technical knowledge do I need?

To run pretix Community or Enterprise, you need to be able to administrate a Linux server with standard software such as databases and keep it up to date. If you don't feel comfortable with that, we recommend that you use pretix Hosted. Alternatively, we can quote you for management services, if you want us to run it on your server, just get in touch!

Can I run the software on multiple servers?

The prices listed on this page correspond to a license for one server running pretix Enterprise in production. We are happy to make you an offer for a multi-server setup. In any case, you are allowed to run more instances for testing and development purposes.

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